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Potepatruljen is a professional dog walking service with educated dog walkers and trainers. We walk dogs primarily in Bærum and Oslo vest and we can offer dog walking up to four times a week.

You are in good hands by choosing Potepatruljen as your dog’s walker:

  • Groups of dogs who know and like eachother.
  • We spend at least one hour in beautiful Bærumsmarka and Oslomarka (both leashed and un-leashed if wanted)
  • All dogs are secured either in a crate or with a harness in the car
  • No dogs share a crate (unless they come from the same household or know each other well)
  • We only use positive reinforcement in our interaction with the dogs.

Prices range from 1300 NOK  to 5400 NOK per month (one to five times a week) if you want a fixed price, or 400 NOK per walk.

Contact us at for more infomation.

We are happy to help you give your dog a happy and active life!